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CEO (Fondation Internationale) - Tana 

16/12/2021 |  RECRUITMENT CONSULTING |  Contrat CDD |  Date limite de candidature : 16 Janvier 2022 |  Tana 
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A not-for-profit international development agency is looking for his/her CEO:

Responsibilities :

Strategic direction: Work closely with the Head office to ensure the unit’s efforts are thoughtfully prioritised and balanced per direction from the Board concerning its geographic and thematic focus area(s), and aligned to the global programme framework.

Mobilising resources: Ensure sufficient resources towards the strategic priorities, through the unit’s own partnerships and activities, and work with the donor units.

Implementing programmes: Based on these resources mobilised, effectively implement activities, including tangible, measured results for beneficiary communities as well as meeting the donor(s)’s and the Foundation’s key objectives and parameters for grant management and programme delivery.

Management and operations: HR and organisational development (appropriate internal staffing structures, policies, competencies, satisfaction and performance, developing talent pipelines, and effectively engaging volunteer resources); financial-related matters (budgets which reflect multi-year goals, financial controls, custodial functions); key legal, regulatory- and compliance-related issues; security, safety and duty of care; and IT.

Stakeholder relationships: Ensure the unit’s key stakeholder relations are effectively managed towards achieving unit objectives, notably the above and other key actors.


Requirements :

Master’s degree in relevant field(s)
10 years or more of professional experience in social and human international development, including 5 years in a similar position
Excellent strategic, analytical and communication skills
Ability to navigate ambiguity, complexity and multiple priorities and stakeholders
Ability to lead, learn and adapt to change
Capacity to inspire, motivate and empower people
Fluency in English and French
Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications

Please submit your application file online (English Cover letter + English resume + salary expectations) as soon as possible

Only preselected candidates will be contacted

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Gestion / Comptabilité / Finance Date limite : 16 05 2022

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